Levan Manjavidze was born in 1977 in Tbilisi/Georgia.
After graduating in 1999 from Tbilisi state Institute of Theatre & Cinematography,
He specialised in traditional renaissance painting techniques in Florence/Italy,
2003-06 studied at Utrecht school of arts in The Netherlands.
Since 2007 Levan Manjavidze lives and works in Berlin/Germany & Tbilisi/Geogia.

Considering painting as an anthropological science, Levan focuses on representation of human beings,
His work originates from study of human psyche and subconscious symbolism, which he translates into visual language.
Levan develops bodies of works articulating with each other like puzzle without limiting himself to a single medium.
Most of works are oil paintings and photomontages.
Levan looks for correspondences between imagination and images of the real world by taking photographs and researching through Internet data.

His interest is the chaotic opposition between the reality of the world and the way we experience it.
In that sense Levan’s work is mostly autobiographical and the result of the observations of daily routines & social orders.
He explores the essential mechanism of a human being and study it from different angles:
from outside such as in communication processes as well as from inside such as in a biological system.

Maud Piquion