KISS - 2003

She makes me want to die.
She is not mine, she is not with me, we are not together.
She is the one for me, she is the one meant for me, but we broke down all bridges.
We sit in a bar, third winter we sit there, it’s raining & we are silent.
We talk, but we don't say or ask things. Things we have thought & asked all this time..
I look out of the window, there’s nothing to see..
I look at her, she turns her head, now I can see her better.
Now our eyes don't meet, they don't receive the pain.
I look at her and she is the only thing I ever desired.
I want to touch her, kiss her, but I cant.
There’s a wall, even worse then that, there’s a broken wall, an abyss and I’m so frightened to jump.

We walk, it snows, she wishes the snow lays on the ground like soft, white carpet, waving goodbye to her tomorrow morning, when she leaves our town.
I walk her to the door, still frightened.
I walk away from her with a heavy stone in my hands; holding it close to my chest, cause thats where this stone belongs. In my chest, it's my heart.
its so heavy it drops down on snowy carpet and it bursts into cry.