MISCHA - 2011
So he is going to live under the bridge, go to prison for 55 days, be unfair and be a junky. He the ghost of a man who never lied, speaks language that I try to forget, forget the way back to my mother. He is no one and he can be anyone. He is a dream, but so real that you want to fall asleep. So I was sleeping and he calls me down from the street. I look out  of the window and get a strange feeling – somehow I didn’t wanted to let him in, but well... he is my friend and after all maybe he is hungry.
I pushed the button, he comes up. Me and my girl we greet him and in meantime strange feeling I had, comes true.
He starts to multiply, he becomes a small girl, an other boy , a man, a grandmother. He becomes so many different people that there is no room any more in the flat were I live. Home is full with Crowd of strangers, but still, it’s still just him – Socrates, psycho pat.