PUER (aeternus) - An Irritation of Spirit - C Print - 2014
Once upon a time I entered in a cave. There, some multi-layered portions of space were encountering flat surfaces. I saw pieces of bodies, bits of walls, sections of plane colors, smooth fading members,
shiny chromatic organs, worm-like faces, jumping elements, lions, hearts, fingers, plants, separated components, married substances, crying children, clothes, mixed grounds, waves.
Flat Man, a.k.a Devil Doll, a.k.a Slutty Penis-Drama king of Heart-Baby Face Killer, likes to use the word ambivalence. Or ambivalent. I think it s a word to make sense out of our general and inevitable confusion, in the perceptions we have from the world. (Generally words do)
He brings together an image, in a dissected image.
As function body and brain, as eye and hand... Well yes: it s a painting. The color shifts here, the subject is stuck there. And over here, and there, an alive-eye in a tinted-block does not move of an inch. Later, there will be blood. Later, there will be love. The symbols appear just like the faces, stage after stage, layer after layer: mazed. It s a puzzle. Representing pieces of the world, maybe as a cohabitation of worlds. Find an impossible harmony. Is it faith? Is it magic? Hope is magic and magic is faith, and so because faith is hope, no surprise that the snake eats his tale and the cat licks his ass. I mean, You can't grasp the world in an image, but intricate some ambivalent elements, like catching a fish with a worm..? Peut être. Paula Parker NEOs researcher @  Borderline Art Center, Houston, Texas.