I’m a visual artist born in Tbilisi, Georgia.

I approach my artistic practice as anthropological science and focus on representation of human beings.

My work originates from study of human psyche and subconscious symbolism, which I translate into visual language.

I develop bodies of works articulating with each other like puzzle without limiting my self to a single medium.

Most of my works are oil paintings, photomontages & digital drawing,

As well as performance, installation, writing, sound, video, et cetera... 

I look for correspondences between my imagination and images of the real world

by taking photographs and researching through Internet data.

I’m interested in the chaotic opposition between the reality of the world and the way we experience it.

In that sense my work is mostly autobiographical and the result of the observations of daily routines 

and social orders combined with the need to possess objects.

I try to explore the essential mechanism of a human being and study it from different angles:

From outside such as in communication processes as well as from inside such as in a biological system.